The Model

The set model has been exhibited in Brussells, Paris, USA, the V&A museum London, the Pompidou, Paris and in the National Museum of Art, Phildelphia, USA.It now has a permanent home in the Dance Museum in Stockholm.

This scale model was built by Peter Sayers, from research by Dr. L.A. Sayers, and has been exhibited by Euro Culture in Brussels during 2000, and Paris 2002 to 2003. In 2004 it was exhibited in the Firestone Library at Princeton University until 2010, then in the Diaghilev exhibition in London V&A Musuem 2010-2011. It was in the 'Danser Sa Vie' exhibition in the Pompidou Centre, Paris from 2011 to 2012 and then in the 'Leger and the City' at the National Musuem of Art, Philadelphia USA from 2013 to 2014. It is now (2016) in the Dansmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden.

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The model was developed for exhibition with financial assistance from the Arts and Humanities Research Board UK,  2003. The Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) funds postgraduate and advanced research within the UKs higher education institutions. All AHRB awards are made on the basis of academic excellence. The AHRB is not responsible for the views or research outcomes expressed by its award holders.

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 Photographs: Peter Sayers©