Lesley-Anne Sayers

Artistic Co-ordinator

Unfortunately lesley-Anne Sayers died very suddenly, and unexpextedly, in April 2010. Her husband and co-worker can be contacted on psayers@idm.org for any matters concerning her work.

Lesley-Anne Sayers was a dance historian with a particular interest in set design and the visual arts. She studied dance at the Laban Centre London after a first degree in drama. Her work on  Pas d'Acier began as PhD research (Bristol: 1999) and was then further developed with post-doctoral study of its designer, Georgii Yakoulov, in Moscow and Armenia funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board in 2000 and 2003.

Model of Yakoulov's design for Le Pas d'Acier by Lesley-Anne Sayers. CLICK on this picture for more.Her model reconstruction of Yakoulov’s design for Le Pas d’Acier has been exhibited in Brussels and Paris and is now on loan to Princeton University. It has recently been in the 'Diaghilev and the Golden Age of Russian Ballet' at the V and A museum, London (until January 2011) and is now on show at the 'Danser Sa Vie' exhibition in the Pompidou, Paris until April 2012 

Lesley-Anne was working with a design company in England, and teaching both at the Laban Centre in London and 20th Century Art History for the Open University, and was a Research Fellow in Dance at the University of Surrey Roehampton.